Live Coding, Virtual Robotics and A.I. Classes
For ages 5-18 year only

RoboGenius Academy is a research first organization, specializing in cutting edge R&D related to Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. Our world class academies located in Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Delhi have been disseminating STEM, Coding, Robotics and A.I. knowledge to students. We use hands-on, engaging and fun-filled activities to provide 21st century skills to students for success in this A.I. driven world.

Now you can access our award winning and popular programs online. All class sessions are live and provide with the same engaging “in-academy” experience to students. Mentor use advanced two-way, interactive audio-visual communication to conduct the online classes, explain the concepts and to monitor the progress while providing real time feedback to students for an effective learning.


Learn Visual Coding commands, blocks, loops, functions, conditions, and Algorithms

Build games, animations and interactive apps with deep UX/UI

Grade 1+
Age 5+

Classes: 2x/week Total: 96

Learn commands to logically control Virtual Robots and make
user friendly mobile

Build apps
with A.I. for Android and iOS. Code Virtual Robots

Grade 3+
Age 8+

Classes: 2x/week Total: 96

Learn to make robots that react to the surroundings and wire components to create virtual circuits

Code virtual robots to solve 3D missions. Make virtual electronic circuits.

Grade 5+
Age 10+

Classes: 2x/week Total: 96

Learn Python for Artificial Intelligence, data processing & storage techniques, basics of ML

Build mobile friendly web applications, chatbots, games, and simple A.I. apps

Grade 8+
Age 13+

Classes: 2x/week Total: 96

Learn Machine Learning algorithms, NLP, Neural networks, Deep Learning.

Create A.I. with skills like Alexa and
ability to recognize
voice, photos and

Grade 10+
Age 15+

Classes: 2x/week Total: 96


Learn research methods, innovate new concepts of societal impact & commercial value

Publish articles in International Journals and give A.L.I.C.E. a skill

Grade 10+
Age 15+

Classes: 2x/week Total: 144

Students get certificates after each level
INR 750 per class onwards

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