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About RoboGenius™

Children are filled with curiosity, desire to discover and tons of creative potential that is waiting to be tapped and nurtured. Play is the cornerstone of creative learning that involves collaborative, experiential and trial & error learning!

Engaging, Hands-on activities form the core of the program at RoboGenius Academy that allows children to plan, investigate and implement their ideas. They develop scientific enquiry and essential life skills as they learn on their journey of discovery. Aha! Moments are aplenty.

RoboGenius provide complete Robotics solution for school children of all age group. Our courses help children understand the concepts of their core subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer, Technology, and Architecture & Design.
The Robotics course is divided into structured classes to provide the children essential life skills like leadership, creativity, innovativeness, analytical & problem-solving skills, teamwork and Communication skills.
Coding classes, programming classes and other computational skills develop while learning Robotics.

Our programs are inspired by the study of Prof. Michel Resnik, at the lifelong kindergarten group at the MIT Media Labs.

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After School Solutions

RoboGenius Academy

We live in a world that is changing more rapidly than ever before. Children will face a continual stream of new issues and challenges in the future. Things that they learn today will be obsolete tomorrow. To thrive, they must learn to design innovative solutions. Their success and satisfaction will be based on their ability to think and act creatively. Knowledge alone is not enough; they must learn to use their knowledge.

At RoboGenius Academy, students learn key science and maths concepts as they work together in groups with certified faculty to build models and Robots using LEGO education platform in an exciting and engaging atmosphere. Age appropriate, structured courses are offered for children in primary through senior school and all the way up to college students. Each session comprises of distinct projects with specific learning outcomes

“Amazing concept!! I am very happy to send my kid here and he is also enjoying making different types of Robots every day. Good Job RoboGenius team. Keep it up.”
– Neha Varma , Mother

In School Solutions

RoboGenius  STEM Lab

RoboGenius Lab is a project based, hands‐on learning solution, providing teachers with the necessary tools to implement hands-on project‐based learning of key STEM concepts. The project’s challenges are based on the “Learning by Doing” methodology, encouraging students to develop problem solving, decision making and scientific inquiry skills and comprehend abstract concepts in a play way method. It allows them to investigate, plan, test and implement their ideas thus focusing on application of the CS‐STEM concepts and themes .
RoboGenius program participants are engaged in dynamic activities and by using the experience, they become the protagonists of their own learning. Students discover an exciting and important connection with real world applications, an experience that is vital for success in the 21st century.
RoboGenius Lab can be integrated within the school time table and covers topics in the curriculum as per CBSE, ICSE, International Baccalaureate and state boards. Lesson plans with specific learning outcomes, activity guide, evaluation forms, complete teachers’ manual and training for smooth execution and implementation of the program are part of our offer. The RoboGenius lab can help students to enter the next level of education as technology literates and can be easily integrated seamlessly into the school system.

“An Absolute new concept for children. I got to know a lot how hands on learning can help students performing amazingly well in Science, Math & Technology. I will surely implement this program for my students from a very early age. Thank you for the concepts & clarity.”
Vinodita Sankhyan – Principal, Shri Ram Ashram Public School

RoboGenius  Certified Robotics Professional Course

Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths ( CS – STEM ) based education is not limited to universities and colleges anymore and is fast becoming a part of education at all levels. Students need to learn new disciplines and require effective learning experience that engage them to become the part of learning process. CS-STEM education prepares student to meet the challenges in this global, technology driven society through innovation, collaboration and creative problem solving.

Robotics is fast becoming the preferred way of thinking technology education to young people around the world. In India we need impart CS- STEM Education and training to young people studying in over 77,000+ centers and State Board Schools , 3500+ Engineering colleges and over 1 million other schools and institutions. To achieve this objectives, India will be needing more than 100,000 certified Robotics Professional in next 3 years. It is estimated that the industry size will be Rs. 400 crores, including after school training opportunities.

RoboGenius, India’s fastest Robotics Training brand, invites you to be a part of this exciting industry by joining our specialized Certification Courses.

A structured professional development course for UG/PG students and teachers enabling them to enhance their skills and earning potential.

“My daughter loves to come here. She is thoroughly enjoying making robots. This is helping her in making her more creative and communicative. Thanks a lot to the RoboGenius Academy team.”
– Monica Sharma, Mother

 Robotics Competitions Coaching

RoboGenius Academy offers specialized training to children aspiring to participate in various international robotics competitions. Our team of experts will guide them through the entire process right from teaching about the competition, teaching about best policies to follow, and other important tips and tricks to help in building the perfect robot and solution for the competition.  We believe in cultivating the fundamental skill set that would capacitate them in winning the coming competition.

RoboGenius Academy is the authorized training partner for WRO India, Jr. FIRST LEGO League, FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge 

To enroll your child in the Robotics Competition Coaching , please write to us at info@robogenius.in

Partner With Us

RoboGenius Academy
Robogenius is a pioneer in the field of Robotics education, our programs/Courses are globally acclaimed and have gained applaud from schools, parents, and students. We are providing Franchisee opportunity to all those who aspire to become a successful entrepreneur and establish their name in education Industry.
Robogenius has a promising future as there more than 220 million children in between 6-18 years of the age group which in total creates the market size of Rs. 3000 crores. Robotics education is being talked globally and Indian education system is seeing changes in the curriculum to be at par to provide children contemporary methods of education.
Our Presence
Our network is constantly increasing, as the demand of Hands on learning methodology in education has increased over the time drastically. Emphasis on practical learning and learning by doing has helped students inculcate the necessary skills required to ready for the future jobs.
Currently, we are present at 12 locations of India.
How to start
A minimum investment is required to start your own business. We have different proposals as per your investment proposition.
Get technical, branding and marketing support.
Professional robotics training
Curriculum support.
Hardware required
Other annual benefits.

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